Knynsa: A Phoenix

Written by Callender’s Discovery, Alli’s Atlas and JessGS The Knynsa fire affected more than just humans, and sometimes we get so caught up in our own little bubble that we forget the grave consequences that natural disasters can bring to animals within ecosystems. “In Knynsa the beauty is everywhere. You don’t have to pay money … Continue reading Knynsa: A Phoenix

A Moonlit Thread

From high tides to labor, for many of us, a full moon signals the ending of a cycle and the beginning of another. The lunar effect of a full moon is believed to be very powerful and have several effects on the functioning of the world. For many reserves around South Africa, however, the full … Continue reading A Moonlit Thread

The Gibbons: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

Their songs were heard before their bodies were deciphered amongst the shrubbery above. This couple’s specific duet repeated itself over and over communicating important messages. The leaves shake as the acrobatic mammals traverse above the visitors to Monkeyland. Fruit falls and decorates the mud with an abundance of bright colors. Equally curious, the glimpses turn … Continue reading The Gibbons: ‘Til Death Do Us Part